Nutrition workshops led by an Intuitive Eating Dietitian

Thoughtfully curated and guided experiences to support a healthier relationship with food, eating and body image 

Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Counsellor Lisa Carrigg is available for workshops.

Do you have a group or team you think might benefit from exploring topics such as Intuitive Eating, joyful movement, food and feelings, fighting diet culture, self care or body image?

Some topics we have presented on before include:

Mindful Eating

(see below for current workshop offering A Mindful Bite)

Intuitive Eating

(Introduction to Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Living)

Body Image

(Body Image: From the Inside Out)

A Mindful Bite Workshop

Busy lives being lived in person and online, stressful circumstances and an overload of information about what and how you should or shouldn’t be eating can easily leave you feeling like you’re on eating autopilot, rushing through at lightning speed or so distracted you can’t actually recall how your last meal or snack tasted and if you enjoyed it. Join Dietitian Lisa Carrigg for a 45 minute interactive introduction into Intuitive Eating and the practice of mindful eating and experience a different way of being with your food and nourishing yourself.

  • Learn about Intuitive Eating and mindfulness
  • Learn how mindful eating can positively support your relationship with food and eating as part of Intuitive Eating
  • Experience mindful eating through a hands on experience with food in a supported environment
  • Have a chance to ask a weight inclusive and Intuitive Eating Certified Dietitian your questions

What’s Included in this Workshop?

  • 45-minute in-person nutrition workshop
  • 15 minutes post nutrition workshop meet and greet time for participants
  • Take-home material included for participants

Cost: 300 plus GST

*Option for Wander and Nourish to bring food item and needed utensils to be used for the mindful eating practice part of the workshop for additional fee or for you to provide this yourself (we are happy to offer some suggestions)

Looking for a Dietitian to facilitate a workshop or experience? 

W&N is open to collaboration and loves being creative with content development and delivery. W&N is particularly passionate about bringing Intuitive Eating and non-diet weight inclusive concepts into the room in experiential ways which nutrition workshops are the perfect outlet for. Community conversation and shared experience can have a meaningful and positive impact for participants. We all need to feel heard, seen and less alone in what we are experiencing.

When it comes to food, eating and body image it can be particularly hard to find spaces to explore these topics in which don’t feed into cultural beauty standards, good guilt/shame or perpetuate other disordered behaviors and ways of being with food, eating and movement. All nutrition workshop materials and presentations are created to be eating disordered aware and trauma informed. 

If this sounds like a good fit for what you are hoping to offer to your group, team, or community,  please feel free to email to express your interest in working together today. 

We can’t wait to hear from you and learn more about your hopes for hosting a nutrition workshop.