“I believe that every-BODY and everybody deserves compassionate care and spaces that support them in feeling heard, seen and enough exactly as they are. In my practice I aim to support clients in untangling from unhelpful diet culture messaging and pressures around eating, food, movement and appearance.

There is an overflow of information and opinions in the culture we all live in around how to eat and look and move and this CONSTANT messaging ultimately works to disconnect us from our own true needs, preferences and values over time. This messaging sells that more control is the answer (you need to try harder, do better), yet my clients, despite a lot of work/money/time/effort often feel just the opposite. Out of control or swinging back and forth between control and “what the heck”. As a result of the harmful diet culture water we are all swimming in (there’s so much more to unpack than this) my clients are often experiencing feelings of guilt, shame, frustration, anxiousness and fear around their food, eating and body. They are confused about how to eat, feel disconnected from their bodies and uncertain if they or their body can be trusted (diet culture has told them NO so many times). They often feel out of control around food and are sick and tired of feeling the way they do. Many of clients also find they are struggling with their digestive health. If you too are feeling some of these things, you are not alone. I provide support to help guide clients back into connection with their own bodies needs, their own preferences and their own values so they can feel more empowered to make their own choices and pursue living and engaging in their lives in ways that matter to them.

I believe in a collaborative approach (I am here to be with, not talk at) that is evidenced based, respects and supports client autonomy and experience, is oriented around honesty and consent and the belief that my clients are always doing the best they can with what they have (being human is hard). In alignment with my practice framework and philosophy I do not provide meal plans for weight loss or weight loss interventions. I DO make space to talk more deeply about the desire for weight loss, feelings about weight and body size and shape and lived experience.

I love supporting my amazing clients in the clinic, but when I’m not there you can find me enjoying other things I love including hiking (being in nature in general), swimming, camping, barre, pepperoni pizza with pineapple, a fresh chocolate croissants with coffee, snuggling my cats, traveling (what’s that again?….) or doing yoga among things.”

Warmly, Lisa Carrigg

Masters in Nutrition, Accredited Practicing Dietitian (AUS), Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (USA).



"You are so much more than the way you physically show up in the world. My hope is that through working together you will feel seen and heard and that you are able to experience greater freedom and peace in your relationship with food, eating and your body. I trust that you have your own invaluable wisdom within you , as we all do, which I want to encourage you to lean into so you can use it to help inform your choices. I know there are things that you want to do, places you want to go, ideas and opportunities that call to you and people you want to be fully present with. You have a life to be lived and you deserve to have freedom from the ways diet culture works to steal your time and your headspace so you can enjoy being fully present in it."

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