Dietitian Mentorship

Support to set goals, grow, and explore in your career and personal development

What is Mentorship?

Your mentor is someone you can go to for honest, non-judgmental advice. They are there to listen to you and support your growth whether you are a student, new graduate or looking to make changes to your current career.

Mentoring provides you with space and support to discuss what ideas and concerns you might have, help identify and set goals that align with your values, thoughtful connection with a variety of possible resources based on your needs, support for developing new skills and knowledge so you can grow in the a direction you might like to head in.

Mentorship may be right for you if:

  • You have a lot of ideas about how you want to practice, but aren’t sure what to do next
  • You may be considering transitioning into, or looking to start with, a non diet approach or Intuitive Eating approach
  • You feel isolated in your academics or work
  • You feel stuck without a good support network to talk career path and personal development things through with
  • You are looking for support in creating a career plan for yourself
  • You have a lot of questions about different things that related to finding your career path or life work balance and aren’t sure where to find answers

As a new graduate dietitian, learning from Lisa has been such a positive and rich experience. With such compassion, thoughtfulness and deep passion for this work, Lisa has both inspired me and helped me gain a working understanding of what it means to practice from a non-diet approach through her generous sharing of insights, practical experiences and resources.
– Misa, 2022


Mentorship vs Supervision

Mentorship focuses on supporting your career and personal development through provision of professional guidance and support. In mentorship, together we may explore your values, goal setting, personal needs, find tune interests or make plans for experiences to help you do so, learn about resources/programs/people who might be helpful to connect with, have space to express your excitement and fears about where you are and where you might want to go.

Supervision focuses on progressing your clinical practice through reflection and provision of professional guidance and support. This relationship involves deeper work for both supervisor and supervisee and would include topics such as specific clinical case consultation and problem solving not part of a mentorship program or relationship.

Mentorship Program Details

  • 6-month initial commitment
  • 60-minute 1:1 meetings, once per month either via video chat or in person

2 Payment options

  • Session fee of $100 plus GST per session, billed following each session
  • $580 plus GST initial payment made prior to first session which covers initial 6 months of 6 sessions

Mutual review of how things are going at 6th month meeting before moving forward with continued mentorship

If you are interested in the mentorship program please e-mail to express your interest.

How we can work together

Could we be a good match?! Let’s find out.


Free, 15 minutes (Virtual)

Let’s arrange a free call to connect. I can answer questions you may have about mentoring in general and the mentoring program and we can feel out if we might be a good fit. Please email to inquire about availability of the mentoring program to [email protected] before booking an Exploration Call. 



You will have been sent a brief questionnaire before we meet to help you explore your goals for mentoring which we will discuss further together. We will get started talking about the things that matter most to you and leave with plans for when we will meet next. 


Follow Up Sessions


A monthly meeting where you bring your topic questions or topics you want to discuss and get support around.  Continue growing towards your goals and setting new ones for yourself as a clinician and your practice.

Regular reflective space and time to continue to grow and develop as a dietitian.