Intuitive Eating Dietitian, weight inclusive nutrition counselling support in Brisbane 

Support for finding a peaceful relationship with food, eating,
and body

We celebrate the diversity of body sizes and shapes that exist and have always existed, including yours. There is nothing wrong with you or your body. You deserve more peace and pleasure in your food and eating exactly as you are.

Lisa Carrigg

We are a boutique nutrition counselling practice nestled in the New Farm neighborhood of Brisbane.

There is SO much information out there about what to eat, how to eat, how to look, how to move, what to do, what NOT to do (*deep breath*) coming into your life daily–that’s really overwhelming (not to mention extremely confusing).

Whether you desire to understand your body more and just what the heck might be going on with your digestion OR things have not been feeling great between you and your body and food for a while now and you are ready to break up with dieting for good-you are deserving of compassionate care and are in the right place.

Nutrition care at Wander and Nourish Nutrition is weight inclusive. A variety of approaches, including Intuitive Eating, are used to support you in healing from diet culture and getting in tune with your own body wisdom and what feels and works best for you food, eating and movement-wise while keeping your personal values and lived experience at the heart and center. 

You + Us = Let’s explore together what TRULY nourishes you, your body and your soul.

Work With Us

Wander and Nourish Brisbane

Intuitive Eating 

Ready to shift your relationship with food, eating and your body in a way that helps nurture a healthier relationship with your body and fosters overall well being? Ditch the diets and stop swinging back and forth between restriction and what the heck eating. Learn to navigate food and feelings in a helpful way and find your way to peace and enjoyment with food and eating. What feels good in your unique body and meets your unique needs as a whole person? An Intuitive Eating Dietitian can help guide you there.

Binge Eating Disorder 

Tired of beating yourself up about how much or what you are eating? Wishing you could stop feeling out of control with food and eating? Scared of what others might think if they knew what you are struggling with? We want you to know that you deserve support to navigate these experiences and the challenging and big feelings that are usually around with them (oh hello guilt, shame, anger, loneliness……). We want you to know that binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder and getting help early makes a difference.

Digestive Issues

Is your unhappy digestion disrupting your life? Uncertain about what is going and what to do next? Looking for support to navigate your IBS diagnosis? Feeling anxious about food and eating choices is exhausting. Let’s learn more about your unique body and digestion together and find what works best to nourish and calm your gut so you can find more digestive peace and get back to living your life fully and enjoying food and eating again.

Intuitive eater walking in woods

Food and Eating Concerns with a Weight Inclusive Approach

Feeling like things are a bit (or a lot) off with your food or eating? Many people describe feeling that as hard as they have tried, and might be trying, they just can’t seem to find a peaceful middle place to settle with their food and eating (or with their body size/shape/weight).

Many describe feeling like a swinging pendulum moving from rigid restrictive eating directly through and over to feelings of overeating or emotional eating and back again- without ever settling in the middle. They are often nervous that they might not be able to find their way there.

It’s key to call out that diet culture pushes the solution to concerns about eating and body size and shape can be found in greater control, more restriction or being better at following the “rules”. With curiosity and compassion, it’s worth considering how might that approach have served you up to this point? Did it deliver what it promised? How might that approach have not been serving you?

Finding more peace often comes not through restriction or will-power, but through healing, connection, permission and compassion.

This is why we don’t offer weight loss interventions or meal plans. We believe that as you pursue your values and take care of yourself as best you can with what you have access to, capacity for and support for at any given point in time that your body size and weight will settle where it needs to be.

We celebrate the diversity of body sizes and shapes that exist and have always existed, including yours. There is nothing wrong with you or your body. You deserve more peace and pleasure in your food and eating exactly as you are. Intuitive Eating and weight inclusive dietitian support can help (because this is just a little toe dip in the water so to speak).

How It Works


Let’s arrange a free call to connect. Not sure if you are ready to engage with a Dietitian or if a weight inclusive approach or Intuitive Eating Dietitian is the right fit for you? We would love to meet you and answer your questions to help you decide next best steps for yourself with what might be showing up with your food, eating or digestion.


An hour just for you. We’ll begin to explore more about what might not be feeling so great right now, where you may have been, what you may have tried already and what you desire to feel/be different moving forward with my support. We explore and consider your goals and values and create a plan together for moving forward towards them based on what matters most.


Finding peace and connection with body, eating and food is not achieved in one day. With your values and self compassion as the compass we will continue to walk with you and offer support, resources and information for whatever shows up without judgement. We are here to listen, get curious with you and encourage you. You are deserving of more peace. 

Diet culture makes it very challenging to accept our unique bodies, how our body may change over our lifetime and the body diversity that exists in humanity.

It paints a very specific and unrealistic expectation of how a body should be or look and breeds weight stigma and bias. If you are struggling with how you feel about your body, you are not alone. Would beginning to shift this relationship be of value? Perhaps the goal is not body love, but maybe a relationship that feels more neutral or respectful or maybe even accepting. Something more peaceful than how it feels now?