“I believe that every-BODY and everybody deserves compassionate care and spaces that support them in feeling heard, seen and enough exactly as they are. In my practice I aim to support clients in untangling from unhelpful diet culture messaging and pressures around eating, food, movement and appearance and shifting towards finding a more peaceful and connected relationship with these things that is centered around their personal values.”


MS (Master in Nutrition), RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist), APD (Accredited Practicing Dietitian)

Ready to find more peace with food, eating and your body?

Welcome to Wander and Nourish Nutrition. Whether you found your way here through social media, word of mouth or a good Google search I am so glad that you have. There is SO much information out there about what to eat, how to eat, how to look, how to move, what to do, what NOT to do (***deep breath) coming into your life daily. That’s really overwhelming (not to mention extremely confusing). Whether you desire to understand your body more and how to care for it in light of a chronic condition (or other health concerns) or things have not been feeling great between you and your body and food and you are ready to break up with diet culture and find peace with eating and your body,-you are deserving of compassionate care. Nutrition care at Wander and Nourish uses the framework of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating Principles (a weight neutral, non diet approach) to support you in healing from diet culture and getting back in tune with your own body wisdom with your personal values and lived experience at the center.



Let's arrange a free call. Discover what the non diet approach is and determine if I am the right person to support you in what might be showing up with your body, food and eating. Even if you don't feel truly ready, or you are feeling stuck and uncertain, the first step is reaching out and allowing yourself to explore.


An hour just for you. We'll begin to explore more about what might not be feeling so great right now, where you may have been and what you may have tried already and what you desire to feel/be different. We will collaborate and consider your goals and values (where are we heading together?) and create a plan based on what matters most to you.


Finding peace and connection with yourself, your body, eating and food is not achieved in one day. With your values as the compass I will continue to walk with you and offer support, resources and information for whatever shows up without judgment. I am here to listen, get curious with you and encourage you.


Intuitive Eating

Food and Eating Concerns

Preventative Health

Non-Diet Approach to Condition Management

ACT and Self-Compassion Frameworks

Eating Disorders: Binge Eating Disorder (adults)

Digestive Health

Body Image Concerns


A blog created to support you in ditching diet culture and tuning into things that support you in finding a more peaceful, connected and pleasurable relationship with food, eating and your body.

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