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Exploration Call
$0, 15 minutes
An opportunity to connect over the phone to explore your questions further before booking any appointments. It’s important to me that you feel good moving forward with deciding to work together. I understand that talking about food, health and the body can feel challenging. I also understand that interactions with healthcare professionals (including dietitians or nutritionists) in your past may have left you with a variety of feelings which might make you feel hesitant. I want to assure that this call does not come with any requirements attached, it’s simply a space I wanted to create for you. You are under no commitment to book anything.

Initial Appointment
$160, 50 minutes
In Person or Virtual

Our first appointment creates space for us to get to know each other. I want to hear about your journey so far and what brought you to me. You are the expert on yourself and I respect that. During our first appointment as I learn more about your needs and desires and lived experience we can work together to create a plan for moving forward. Everyone’s path forward looks different because everyone IS different. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you. Unsure? Have questions about Intuitive Eating? Feel free to schedule a 15 minute Exploration call with me.

Follow Up Appointment
$150, 50 minutes
In Person or Virtual
Our follow up appointments will vary based on what your goals are, what questions you bring with you, what experiences you have had between meetings and what you hope to get out of our time together. We will both continue to learn more about you as we go. How often we might meet varies from person to person. Clients have shared that meeting weekly or bi-weekly initially has felt most supportive, but we will collaborate on what this looks like for you and your unique path forward. All sessions will be guided by the non-diet and Health at Every Size approaches to health.


Wander and Nourish is available for workshops and Lunch and Learns. Do you have a group or team you think might benefit from exploring topics such as Intuitive Eating, joyful movement, fighting diet culture, self care or body image? W&N is open to collaboration and loves being creative with content development and delivery. W&N is particularly passionate about bringing Intuitive Eating, mindful eating and non-diet concepts into the room in experiential ways. Please find your way to the the Contact page to share your interest.

A Mindful Bite Workshop
Busy lives being lived in person and online, stressful circumstances and an overload of information about what and how you should or shouldn’t be eating can easily leave you feeling like you’re on eating autopilot, rushing through at lightening speed or so distracted you can’t actually recall how your last meal or snack tasted and if you enjoyed it. 

Join dietitian Lisa Carrigg for an 45 minute interactive introduction into the practice of mindful eating and experience a different way of being with your food and nourishing yourself. 

  • Learn about mindfulness
  • Learn how mindful eating can positively support your relationship with food and eating
  • Experience mindful eating through a hands on experience in a safe and supported environment

You will also leave with resources and tools to support you.

***A COVID safety plan is in place. This workshop has limited spaces to ensure your safety and wellbeing at this time.


Getting the Best Care
If you or someone you love are struggling with eating and body image concerns, you aren’t alone. It’s vital to the recovery journey to have a team that includes a GP, dietitian and psychologist on your side. Please reach out if you have found your way here and this sounds like it might be you or you are unsure of how to support the person you care about. There are people who truly care and want to support you. You matter. They matter. Head to the Contact page and please check out the Mental Health resources on the Resource page.


I currently work out of a space in Teneriffe neighborhood in Brisbane AUS with Praxis Physiotherapy. The booking links will direct you to the Praxis page in order to facilitate your bookings and inquiries.

I look forward to connecting with you soon, Lisa

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