Yes. Different Private Health Insurance Funds will cover a different number of sessions with a Dietitian or cover different amounts per session so it’s important to check with your particular provider to see what they offer.
A Care Plan is created by your Doctor to support you in accessing care from other providers at a reduced cost. There are two types of Care Plans which can be used to access my services. Wander and Nourish does not Bulk Bill, so even if you have a Care Plan mentioned below, there will be a gap fee which you are responsible for. CDMP (Chronic Disease Management Plan). You may have anywhere from 1-5 sessions allocated to working with a Dietitian through this plan. Please discuss any questions or concerns about this care plan with your Doctor. EDMP (Eating Disorder Management Plan). You will have 20 sessions allocated to working with a Dietitian through this plan. You will also need support from a psychologist and receive support through this plan to access sessions with them as well. Please discuss any questions or concerns with your Doctor. Currently (2021) under these plans Medicare will help cover $55.10 of the session cost. Important Notes: *You do not have to have a care plan to work with me. *You do not have to stop working with me once you have used your allocated sessions on your Care Plan (should you need and desire support past those sessions). I am happy to discuss fees for moving forward if you find yourself in the position where you have used your allocated sessions but desire/need further support and finances are a barrier to that. *You cannot combine Private Health Funds and Care Plans for the same session. You could however use one of these to help cover costs until it runs out and then swap to the other if you have access to both. *The different Care Plans have different expiration dates. Please discuss with your Doctor as they are your care provider who creates and manages your Care Plan. Once expired your Doctor will need to see you to consider creation of a new plan.
Yes. I am happy to support self funded clients on NDIS. Please reach out via the contact form if you have further questions about what this might look like.
Yes. I am happy to offer Telehealth sessions which means you can work with me no matter where you find yourself in the state, country or world. If you are planning to use a Care Plan or Private health Insurance to to help cover costs you will want to check to ensure that they will reimburse for Telehealth and how many sessions and how much they might cover per session. ***Some clients will be better suited for in-person local care when possible.
Intuitive Eating is an anti-diet eating as self care framework made up of 10 guiding principles originally created by Evelyn Tribole MS, RDN, CEDRD-S and Elyse Resch MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, FAND. The principles are not new rules which must be followed but rather exist to support you in moving away from the external rules and control of diet culture and history of dieting and instead tuning back into your bodies own signals, needs and your preferences. The10 Guiding Principles of Intuitive Eating are: 1) Reject the Diet Mentality 2) Honor Your Hunger 3) Make Peace with Food 4) Challenge the Food Police 5) Discover the Satisfaction Factor 6) Feel Your Fullness 7) Cope with You Emotions and Kindness 8) Respect Your Body 9) Movement-Feel the Difference 10) Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition Intuitive Eating is an evidenced based weight neutral approach to food, eating, body and health. There is a certification process providers must go through to become a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor in order to understand the nuances of how to support clients through this approach. Lisa is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Having a health condition or conditions does not mean you cannot pursue Intuitive Eating, but does mean you should seek out a provider who is knowledgable and capable of supporting you both in Intuitive Eating and safely and appropriately in the context of your health conditions. If you are working to recover from an Eating Disorder and want to pursue Intuitive Eating it’s important that you work with a clinician who is trained in Intuitive Eating and Eating Disorders so they can appropriately support.
The non-diet approach (also often called a weight neutral approach or anti-diet approach) is aligned with the Health At Every Size® paradigm of care and embraces mindfulness and Intuitive Eating to remove the focus on using eating or movement to achieve weight loss. This approach honors body diversity and encourages connection with internal body cues to rebuild body trust where diet culture has broken it. You can learn more about HAES® here. You can read more about the non-diet approach here.
I can understand that this approach to health, food, eating and body may sound quite different than what you have pursued before and the messaging you may have been given (and are currently being given). I also believe that you are doing your best with what you have to take care of yourself. You might consider booking an Exploration Call with me. I am happy to hear more about what your fears or concerns might be about taking this new approach to what is going on in your relationship with your body, health and food right now before you book an appointment. If you feel like you just can’t go on another diet, wish your relationship with food and your body felt more peaceful and flexible, wish you spent less time thinking about eating and exercise, are tired of trying to control your body size and shape or are tired of being provided with care that felt like it only cared about your body size and shape, it’s worth reaching out to ask more. You may also like to consider signing up for the monthly Newsletter: Nourishing News or following @wanderandnourish on Instagram to follow along for a while as you consider what you want for yourself.
Care at Wander and Nourish is very individualized. This means each clients path forward looks different depending on their needs and concerns. In general, clients find it most helpful and supportive to meet more frequently early on (weekly or bi-weekly) for several sessions, review how things are going together and then begin to space sessions out as it feels ok to do so.
Initial appointments in person or via Telehealth cost $160 AUD and follow up appointments cost $150 AUD. If you have a Care Plan (AUS) it will reduce this cost for you for however many sessions your Care Plan has been created for a Dietitian for. I understand finances can be stressful and get in the way of you receiving the care you want and need. If this feels like it might get in the way of your engaging in care and support at this time, please contact me or book an Exploration Call so we can discuss further what options might be available to you. You are always deserving of care and support.
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