Lisa Carrigg MS, RDN

Hi I’m Lisa a Dietitian foodie lover with a soul full of wander lust who recently packed my life into two suitcases and left my rainy mountain hiking life in Seattle to embark on building a new one with my husband in sunny Brisbane Australia. Food, travel, my faith and filling up on nature are my passions. This blog is a journey in learning about, making and sharing nourishing food, travel and being body positive. It is my hope to encourage self care, care for others, for this world we live in…….. and of course…tasting and celebrating ALL the things as we go. While I enjoy plant based foods and meals I strongly believe in eating from a mindset of abundance, with mindfulness and pleasure (I eat ALL the things). Food should taste good, hopefully look good, make you feel good and ideally be paired with good conversation and people. You are unique and so is what best nourishes your mind body and soul.