DIY Diet Culture Earmuffs

Dialing down diet culture during the holidays.

Certainly the holiday season is shaping up to look probably quite differently for you this year than last. Celebrating may be the last thing on your mind (or it might be top of the list). Despite all the ways 2020 has changed plans and ways of being together and connecting. Despite all the hardship and true challenges faced by humanity and nature alike-diet culture is still unfortunately alive and well. This means that we are all collectively heading into a gauntlet of messaging now and well into the New Year. It impacts us whether we choose to look it in the face and call it out or not. 

It would be amazing if we would all simply avoid the  scenarios, people, places, ads, shows etc. that are telling us things like we need to watch out for buffets or start getting concerned about what we will wear to that party, but that is just not the world we are living in.

What can you do?

I give you……DIY diet culture earmuffs. Let’s dial the volume down in ways that we can.

1.Let Past you Help Future You. What, where, who, when felt really challenging last year? While this year looks different, it’s likely that some of those things are going to be on repeat. If you can begin to become aware of some of these things it gives you really helpful information to use. (For ex. was it that particular party in general that was rough or was it a particular person there?) See #2.

2. What Feels Supportive to You? Can you build in more of this? Is it journaling, meditation, self compassion practice, certain friends, certain types of movement, music, sleep, therapy, creative projects? While we can’t avoid diet culture entirely we can perhaps give more space to things that help us weather it. (For ex. if it’s a particular person at a party, not the party itself, you might choose to avoid conversation with them, fill in a good friend who will be there/bring them so they can support you if that person can’t be avoided, practice ahead of time what else you might want to say or do etc.)

3. Actually Press Mute-or just delete (or better yet….report). Your social media world is one which you can have a big and immediate influence over. If you get unhelpful or harmful add suggestions you might actively report them or request this type of content to not be shown. If certain people in your world are starting to spout diet tips or unhelpful eating or movement advice-put them on mute (or unfollow them). Delete accounts that leave you feeling like you should look differently than you do right now or increase negative self talk. 

If you are feeling anxious about food and/or your body approaching the holiday season-you are not alone.

There are many tools and strategies that can be used to support you throughout it. Finding and practicing ones that work for you will help you not only during this season but throughout the rest of the year. If you are curious about what that might look like or be like to explore different strategies or have a place to take these feelings and experiences into please reach out. Wander and Nourish was created to be such a space. You don’t have to navigate this alone.